A soup by any other color…

I cannot blame him for having an immediate aversion to ingesting this, because to be perfectly honest, I had my own doubts.

I purposefully ladled an unproportionately small helping into my bowl for fear that with the first bite I would spew it across the room and thus ruin any chances of my children ever eating it again.  I mean, just the name alone, “Split Pea Soup,” can’t help but prompt visions of The Exorcist, and I haven’t even seen the movie (although I do know that she does something very similar to what I just described).

No, spewing of any kind just would not do.  You see, one of my missions in motherhood is to not raise children as picky as myself!  It has been a curse all through my life and a cycle I am determined to break.  We serve one meal for everyone to eat and everyone must actually eat it.  This can pose it’s problems, however, when I am the one who doesn’t want to eat something.  I have concocted some pretty tricky maneuvers to get out of eating a good many things without the kids noticing too terribly much, but I have also been forced to step out of my pickyness box in ways I never expected I would.  There is still hope for me yet though.  According to my friend Jodi over at Granola Mom 4 God (my whole foods guru) your taste buds change every 7 years, so who knows what the future holds?  I could love tomatoes someday!

Anyhow, I knew that I had to try the soup… and pray… and smile.  And much to my astonishment, this vile looking mush was sweet and savory and incredibly pleasant.  I was stunned that I had actually been able to get past the appearance, try it and further more like it!  This was a huge step for me!  Next I just had to convince my equally stubborn son to do the same.

At this moment I just wished that it could be some other color!  I mean really, if it were, say… I don’t know… purple, I think we both would have had a much easier time!  Even a nice aqua blue or fussia would do nicely.  Or white!  How about white?!  That would just be splendid, wouldn’t it?! But green?  It’s stinkin’ hard to get past green!

I promised and pleaded with him. I was tempted to break out the 3D glasses just to see if the blue and red lenses might lend me a little aid in this matter!  But alas, finally I admitted, “Honey- I thought this soup looked totally nasty too.  But then I tried it, and it is really good!  Seriously bud, I think you’re going to like it!  Just try it!”

And wouldn’t you know it?  All doubt and repulsion gave way to declarations of “I love it mom!  It really is good!  You told the truth!”

Yes, yes I did.  And now, my fine friends, I pass the recipe along to you- you can find it right here.  Just remember, a soup by any other color would taste just as sweet!

6 Comments to “A soup by any other color…”

  1. How long did you simmer the soup? I only get that color when I pressure-canned some split pea soup. It’s more bright green when I only do it on the stovetop for 2-3 hours tops (or crockpot for 4-6 hours).

    If you want another fun soup more for fall/harvest time, let me know. Roasted Apple and Onion soup – it’s fabulous with fresh bread or rolls from the oven. 😀

  2. Way to go! Good job mom!

    I know for a fact, that taste buds can change like you mentioned. I now love sweet potatoes (even without all the marshmallow stuff!) when I didn’t used to.

    Beets still taste like dirt to me though!


  3. Hooray for you! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! We love split pea soup here, but my hubs and I both grew up with it.


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