March 28, 2013

I felt streamlined- On My Motherhood Evolution and a Challenge to You to Be Bold!

As I walked into the hospital with my baby snugly wrapped to my chest in my oh-so-cute Mei Tai, with my sleek and stylish diaper bag slung diagonally across us both, I took notice of the barrage of tired mamas who exited the same doors with weary looks on their faces. Most of them struggled to lug their baby's carseat/carrier along with a diaper bag and a purse and many of them held a large case with an expensive breast pump or tried to balance a bottle.

My heart went out to them. I had once been a new mama and had walked through these same doors lugging my first baby with all of his paraphernalia into the hospital's lactation group (which was then run by an IBCLC who changed my life!). I had no clue what I was doing and I was tired.

Now as I observed these ladies, and compared myself against my own former reality, I felt… streamlined. I am no longer that wide-eyed mama with not a clue of what to do or what is “acceptable” to try with my baby. I have had three kids to practice on- I am in my baby groove and have found what works (as well as anything really can in the “baby stage”) for us. I'm better about bringing what I think we will actually need, instead of the whole house. As long as I have my Mei Tai, a handful of diapers, a few wipes, a wet bag, a set of PJs (just in case my babe is in need of a quick change), and, of course, my boobs- we're good! Now granted, I usually have a few other things along with us, but if I have the above list I know that we really can survive an outing without too much trouble.

It Didn't Happen Overnight
My evolution as a mother to a baby started small… and silly, really. When I was pregnant I didn't really know that I was on the cusp of diving headlong into a life defined by bold choices. I had always had a rather bold personality and hadn't been shy about standing up for my convictions, but in terms of motherhood I found myself, for really the first time in my life, not knowing what convictions to even have to be brazen about. I had taken the general hospital-run classes on birth and babies and kind of just figured I would do what other people did because that is just how it's done!

Why I thought I would do things just like everyone else did when I never really had before about anything else in my life, I don't know, but I suppose it was because I didn't even know there were other options at the time. I. Was. Clueless!

Can I tell you a secret? Do you want to know why I wanted to have a natural birth the first time around? It certainly wasn't because I had done my research about painkillers in birth and felt like I was making an informed choice for my baby to not be exposed to medications! No sir! It wasn't even because I had taken a
high-quality birthing class that had exposed me to thoughts on natural birth and I wanted to be all noble! Nope. The real reason- I didn't want to be catherized.

I am not even kidding! The entire catalyst for my ultimately encompassing journey into all things “natural mothering” began with my desire to avoid having a tube shoved into my bladder while I was trying to push out a baby! I wish I could say it was more noble than that, but it wasn't.

My desire for a natural, uncatherized 😉 birth is what lead me to hire a doula, which turned into two doulas… and really there began the litany of women (mostly) who, I believe, God put in my path to lead me down a better road for motherhood than I had been planning for myself. I can literally give you specific names of the women God has used over my years of motherhood to introduce me to almost every one of the ideas I (with my husband's approval… if not immediately then eventually- he's no fool!) ended up investigating, and ultimately embracing, on this motherhood journey.

I can pinpoint the moment that natural birth became more than avoiding a catheter, the day I was challenged to research vaccines before blindly conforming to a schedule, the lactation consultant who told me to put my baby in my bed with me and started a passion in me for breastfeeding… and so it went with cloth diapering, potty training, using natural cleaning and bodycare productsq, becoming a doula, choosing to homebirth, how to homeschool, how to be a true keeper of my home, (now) using essential oils, and on and on and on…

And (obviously) I'm still learning- I'm in the midst of the most intense mothering season of my life! Yes, have my husband and I pretty much figured out how our family does the baby thing? Mostly. But we are also constantly re-researching our choices, refining them and honing our baby skills. At the same time we are also entering entirely new parenting territory as our boys get older- figuring out the most effective discipline style for our family, deciding how to impart responsibility and develop character, continuing in our homeschool journey and so much more! I pray for, hope for and am even starting to see some of the women popping up into our life who I think will play a large part in impacting this next chapter.

What am I getting at?

So why do I tell you all this? What's the point? Well, the point certainly isn't about doing everything naturally (I've been known to dole out the over the counter cough medicine or sling back a few Oreos!) and it's far from about doing everything perfectly (goodness gracious- let's not even go there!)!

What I really want is two-fold. First, I want to encourage and even dare you, mamas, to be bold. Dare to go against the parenting stream. Pray, seek and notice if God is showing you a different way of doing things than you had initially planned or expected, or do all that same searching to affirm you are still on His path. Do your research- educate yourself! Figure out the “why's” behind all the things that you do. Step out of your comfort zone. Learn from the fellow mothers God brings into your life- even if they don't do everything you would do, you can still learn from them. Whether they be mentors or women you can just do life with, they are abundantly valuable to our growth and boldness.

The second thing I want to encourage all of you mamas to do is to graciously share your story. Take a moment to remember all those women who God has brought into your life so far to teach you about mothering and be that for someone else. Whether it be over coffee, during a playdate, writing on your blog or even teaching a class about something you are passionate about- share your story. Simply sharing how your choices have formed and shaped your life, and how God has worked through them, is so impactful and such a gracious and gentle (read- non-judgemental) way of encouraging other mamas. You just don't know the far reaching influence your story can have- you may never know- but it's exciting all the same. Just be honest and real and transparent.

What Next?

Personally, I want to be one of those women who God uses to encourage and impact other mama's motherhood journeys. Whether that means helping mamas become educated about all of their options in motherhood (from birth, to school, to healthcare and beyond) or simply encouraging mamas who are well along in their journey to also share and be impactful with other moms (or even just openly and honestly sharing where I'm at and what I'm struggling with)- I want to start a bold motherhood revolution! I want to see mamas being unafraid to be the mamas that Jesus has designed them specifically to be and fervent about making the best choices for their families, even when that means swimming against the tide (which inherently implies work).

It's not an easy call- this one to Bold & Gracious Motherhood. Most of you are already well on your way there (much father than even me!), but wherever you are, I am deeply looking forward to sharing in this journey with you. I know the word “revolution” sounds crazy big, but even with that being my ultimate goal, I'm going to start small. I'm just going to start by sharing with you my own little journey and how God used all those amazing women to change the trajectory of our family's life. And just for fun I'll throw in some of the “why's” and “how's” of what I do as a mama, ya know, just in case you're curious!

Won't you join me? Please share a comment or even write a blog post and leave the link in a comment about your own bold and gracious motherhood and the women who have helped shape it!

Now, go-

Be Bold & Gracious!




February 14, 2013

It’s happening! will be live by morning!

As I type this post little invisible minions are slaving away behind the scenes at redirecting from this space to my shiny new blog! As of morning you will officially be able to find me at-

Eeeeee! There are lots of changes, including a new company to deliver my feed. There are always hang-ups with these sorts of things and I want to make sure that none of you miss a single post! So please run on by my blog today, check out the new diggs and make sure you're subscribed!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Jon & Becca of The Geek and Me! They did an amazing job and worked so hard to make this happen for me! I love you guys and feel truly blessed!

So, what do you think of the new blog?!


February 12, 2013

Confession- I’m scared of talking on the phone

While in many areas of my life I feel like I was simply born in the wrong era (our family harkens back to days of old in regards to many ways of living) it is when I am confronted with a telephone that I am convinced that I was meant to live in the advanced-information age, aka the online one. You see, the phone and I, we don't like each other. Barring the short amount of time I spent as a medical receptionist right after I got married when I could tolerate the phone because it was my job, I really despise the thing!

Ask me to call and order a pizza.

I dare you!

Why do I dare you? Well, because it's a dangerous thing to have to try to calm a hysterical woman who is hyperventilating and on the verge of a total panic attack!

It's completely irrational- I am aware of this.

I would rather get up in front of a crowd of 1,000 people and sing a 3 minute broadway ballad than have to tell the the highly intimidating 16 year old kid on the other end of the line that I want pepperoni and olives, hold the sauce! I literally have to rehearse what I am about to say, even script it out on the back of an old receipt. Better yet, I just make the Bold Husband call. Problem solved!

Don't even ask me about having to ask a store clerk where something is located! I'm actually doing better with this one, but it's the same philosophy- something about me not being in control of the situation.

What's that you say? Crazy, control freak?

Well… well… I know you are but what am I?! 😛

Ok, now that we have my immaturity quotient filled for the day, back to the matter at hand- talking on the phone. I don't do it. I'm a blogger. I email! And Facebook! And Instagram! And tweet! You see, my options for engaging with other humans are limitless through these avenues that allow me to precisely select my phrases, proofread and come across exactly how I plan. If I stick my foot in my mouth by typing, you better know darn well that it's going to be on purpose! Or as the result of auto-correct, but that's another subject entirely.

There are those select occasions, however, when talking on the phone can actually be enjoyable. For instance, my mom and I could gab for hours- I'm comfortable with her and she's completely aware of the fact that at some point during the conversation I will end up having to deal with one or more children. I'm not intimidated, I just enjoy talking with another female (or human, for that matter) who is over the age of 6 and who loves me in spite of my… quirks! I have a few other friends who I enjoy this same kind of relationship with, and though our conversations are few and far between, they are always good… needed.

Well, today I talked on the phone with an old friend, one I've known for years. (Hi lady! Yes, this post is about you! Surprise!) We've done Bible studies together. We see each other's kids on an almost daily basis. We do life in similar ways. I've learned and continue to learn so much from her. I've even had mind to ask her to mentor me (her eyes are probably bugging out of her head right now!).

But today was the first time I've ever talked to her! (Gasp!) We've never met in person (although I dearly hope and pray that changes one day)! (But, I thought you said you see each other's kids every day?!) I daily see her kids on Instagram and her blog and although I'm fairly confident I could pick them out in a crowd, they would have no idea who I was! The only other time I've heard her voice is through videos she has posted on her blog.

When I saw that I had just missed a call from the state where she lives I simultaneously squealed and kicked myself, figuring that it was likely her. Then I listened to her message.

She mocked me!

She actually mocked my (admittedly) ridiculous voicemail message!

I always knew I liked her!

And though my fingers trembled a bit as I dialed her back, and I may have sent up a quick, silent prayer along the lines of, “Please God, don't let me sound too stupid!” that 33 minute conversation was such a blessing to me! It was filled with encouragement, fantastic advice and real life- it was worth every ounce of trepidation I had experienced.

I could actually hear her interacting with her kids. I could hear her trying to get everyone ready and out the door. I could hear her two year old fussing from being woken from a nap- and it was music to my ears! Don't get me wrong, she's an incredibly honest blogger, but actually hearing her life suddenly gave flesh to her words and made me feel a lot less isolated.

Though I've read about her own feelings lately of not feeling worthy, I found myself hearing the words, “you underestimate yourself,” coming from her lips and they gave me new courage. She had a concise way of bringing focus to things in the midst of her own hectic day and it was exactly what I needed. It further confirmed for me what a rare gem she is and how thankful I am to be able to “call” her my friend. (Did you see what I just did there?! Ya know, “call?” I “called” her my friend but she “called” me and this post is about talking on the phone… oh nevermind.)

SO, may I just encourage you today to step into those scary zones and into another mama's life? Whether it be a phone call from far away or taking her out for coffee if you are near, what may feel simple and rushed to you may be just the blessing she is looking for.

And if you're scared to answer the phone- do it anyway! You really never know what blessings await on the other end of the line!


February 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday- Bare

Bare- that's what I was a few weeks ago when I walked though our kitchen and dining room to make my way upstairs to get dressed. Well, I shouldn't say I was completely bare- I was wearing a towel… on my head… turban-style.

You see, there is reasonable explanation for all this. It was early in the morning, no one was awake yet in my little farm house and the neighbor who lives behind us is an 83 year old recluse who rarely comes out in the light of day. I had forgotten to bring my robe downstairs (where our main bathroom currently is) and didn't realize that fact until I'd already wrapped my hair in said towel, so I figured I'd just run upstairs and grab my clothes, none the wiser! Streaking through my house naked as a jay bird, if the need arises, should obviously be one of the great benefits of living in the country, right?

Well not that morning!

Imagine my shock and horror when upon making my way through my dining room I happened to glance outside and realize that not only was my reclusive neighbor standing in the middle of her driveway but the neighbor guy from down the road was there too, having just plowed for her!!!

I. Hit. The. Floor!

That towel had never seen such fast action as when I snatched it from my head and flung it across my body, only losing a few hairs in the process! Oh the horror!

I don't think they saw me. At least I really hope not….

So, let this be a lesson to you (man! It's like Aesop's Fables up in here!)- should you ever move to the country and have the inclination to wear nothin' but your birthday suit, take a sneaky little peek out your windows first- you'll be glad you did!

And you can thank me later!


Linking up the Five Minute Friday @ Lisa Jo Baker. Go see what other ladies wrote today in 5 minutes!


February 7, 2013

Making the Most of Homeschool Co-ops: Post 1- Our Story

I haven't mentioned it here on the blog much, but we participate in a weekly, parent-lead homeschool co-op throughout the year. Last year was our first year and we absolutely loved it! We actually took off the first trimester this year because Emmerson was still so little, but we have now jumped back in for the winter term and are so glad to be back! I enjoy creating and teaching fun classes to a little bit older set of kids and the boys love the classes that the other moms offer. Plus, we all love being able to hang out with other like-minded moms and kids (and the occasional dad).

The Logistics- How Our Co-op Works

Every Thursday I rise early and load my car full of the necessities to make it through a full day of being away from home (right now we have Roman's basketball practice on Thursday evenings so we stay in town through the afternoon and dinner and are literally gone ALL day!) along with the supplies to conduct whatever hair-brained class (or classes) I've concocted for that term. Our co-op starts at 9 and runs until 1:15, and during that time we attend 3 classes, chapel, lunch and gym time. It's a whirlwind day but, as tired as we are at the end of it, we are always glad that we were there!

Our co-op is independent and completely parent-lead. Each mom must obtain a total of 2 teaching credits for the year and the hours that you aren't teaching are spent helping other moms in their classes, setting up for lunch, or keeping the facility we use (a very generous church) neat and organized. We are able to choose pretty much whatever we want to teach and the classes include everything from baking, to jewelry making, to Apologia science and IEW writing! I love the variety of what is offered and that families can choose to come for purely extracurricular time or more academic classes.

We meet for three separate 8-week terms throughout the year, equalling out to 24 weeks as opposed to 36. (Well, I should mention that our high school program meets for 36 weeks, but we are so not there yet!). We have a Fall Orientation, Christmas Party, Valentine's Party, Graduation Day Party, Science Fair, themed dress-up days and some field trips. We also have bi-weekly park days throughout the summer to stay in touch. In addition, we have a mom's fellowship ministry (which I coordinate) that allows us to have monthly moms meetings and some outings so that the moms have more of a chance to socialize and build friendships since our Thursdays are so jam-packed. We are run by a steering commitee of about 9 moms (which I am on) and the co-op as a whole has been in existence since 1993.

Why we choose to be a part of a co-op

Just before Roman started kindergarten my husband became concerned that our kids wouldn't have any friends because they were homeschooled. For me it wasn't a concern because growing up most of my friends had come from the activities I participated in which were completely separate from school (mostly in the local community theatre), and were kids who shared like-minded interests. He, however, participated in very little of anything apart from what his school offered, so it was hard for him to see where friends would be made for our children.

My husband was fairly insistent that he wanted Roman to be involved with some sort of program starting in kindergarten. I was hesitant to commit to anything because Judah was just 2 and not keen on being separated from me. We considered placing Roman in a private school's homeschool program, just for kindergarten, that would allow him to go to classes one day a week. However, since our main reason for him going was providing friends it seemed wrong to have him go and get attached just to take him out the next year to attend a more family-centered co-op.

Plus, if I'm being honest, I feared how hard it would be for me to go from having one day a week where I had one less kid to take care of to the next year having that same day be completely crazy with the extra work of teaching at and participating in a co-op. Despite the struggles I knew we would have with Judah, it seemed easier to usher in the craziness from the start, rather than try to switch it up down the road!

So, I researched and hunted for the co-op that I thought would fit best with our family ideals and how we wanted to be involved. Our city offers a few different options but as I looked I just knew that this one was the one. I called the liaison for the co-op and she offered for us to stop by on a Thursday to check out what it was like and make our deposit for the next year.

We showed up around lunch on a Thursday and Roman an I had the chance to see lunch in action, get a tour of the building and then sit in on a class. Everyone was so welcoming, the classes were small (there are about 40 families, equaling out to around 120 kids), and it was very evident that all the children did indeed have friends! Oh, and do I even need to mention that all the kids looked normal (aka- they did not fit the homeschool stereo type! Bingo!)?! That summer we attended some of the bi-weekly park days and have just loved the over-all identity of our co-op ever since.

To Come

In the next few weeks I will be addressing a different aspect of participating in a homeschool co-op each week and plan to cover these topics-

Where to find great class ideas and how to plan a class

Getting organized for weekly co-op day

Why and how to get more involved with your co-op

How homeschool co-ops benefit moms and how to foster connection

An entire curriculum with printables for an 8-week co-op class

What about you?

What other topics would you like to see me write on? Are you part of a co-op? What is yours like? Please share!

February 5, 2013

More Exciting News! About to have our world rocked by Young Living Essential Oils!

I have had my eye on Young Living Essential Oils for quite some time. They have been on my radar ever since I first heard my good friend Jodi of Granola Mom 4 God mention them. (She is my essential oils guru!) Essential Oils seemed like the perfect fit for our unabashedly bold lifestyle (which if you aren't aware of just how bold we are, I intend to be sharing more of the what's and whys very soon!). Not that you have to be bold to use them (at all!) but since we tend to think outside the normal parenting and living-in-general box, they just seemed like a natural progression of how we are already living.

You all know, however, that times have been rough in the financial department of the Bold Household for the last few years, and although I knew that Young Living's Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils would most definitely benefit my family, I just couldn't find a way to actually get started with them. Then, at long last, the opportunity presented itself last week for me to actually become a Young Living Distributor (!!!) and to say I am excited would be an understatement! In fact, the oils aren't even due to arrive until tomorrow and my boys are already asking for me to use them on them throughout the day because I have been talking so non-stop about how they can help our family! In just the last 5 days alone one or more of us have been plagued with fevers, stuffy noses, sore throats, coughs, scrapes, teething, diaper rash, insomnia and bad attitudes- all of which therapeutic grade essential oils could have helped- tremendously! These oils can't get here soon enough!

Do you have to be a crazy hippie to use essential oils?

Did you just call me a crazy hippie?! 😉 Well, alright, I might be a little more granola than your average Jane (smiles) but I pride myself on not looking it! My philosophy with all my natural parenting and lifestyle decisions has always been to “maintain appearances,” if you will. I fully support my friends who fully embrace the natural lifestyle with their appearance (I went to college in Missoula, MT for goodness sake!) but I've always felt like I could be more impactful with people if they didn't suspect my crunchiness right off the get-go.

I, personally, have had so many opportunities to reach moms (particularly) who have more mainstream lives with my un-mainstream ways because they realized that they didn't have to have dreads, grow out their armpit hair, wear Birkenstocks and go by “Moonflower” or “Stardreamer” in order to make more natural choices for their families. They see me wearing my baby in a fashionable Mei Tai and they want to know more. They take in my appearance, have a very normal conversation and then have their eyes pop out of their face when they hear that I had a homebirth, or cloth diaper, or cosleep, or whatever other crunchy thing it may happen to be! I think after talking with me they come away with the impression that if “girly-girl of the universe” can do it, maybe they can too!

So, if you haven't caught on, that was my long-winded way of saying, “No, you do not have to be a crazy hippie to use essential oils!” What you do have to be is someone who wants to use what God gave us for healing and make the most of it!

This is the kit I am starting out with!

What excites me most about Young Living Essential Oils?

  • They are therapeutic grade- meaning they are completely pure and you can even ingest them! (Check out the Seed to Seal Promise)
  • There is an oil or oil blend for just about everything! Did you get cut, or burned, or feverish, or tired, or just plain grumpy? There's an oil for that and just about anything else you could think of!
  • They can make your home smell nice without also putting toxins in the air (as most candles, sprays and wall plugins do)- in fact they actually purify the air AND give you healing benefits!
  • Essential Oils have their foundations in the Bible and are God's healing gift to us! As I learn more about this aspect it continues to amaze me! Did you know that essential oils are mentioned more than 100 times in the Bible?! Young Living even sells a Biblical Oils Kit! That's a lot of exclamation points, I know, but it really excites me to learn how God planned for our physical and emotional health and I look forward to allowing the use of these oils to draw me and my family closer to Him (I'll be blogging more about this).
  • Young Living sells lots of other awesome and pure products (diffusers, deodorant, household cleaners, hand soap and many more)

There are more reasons, but I'll save them for another day since I plan to have you follow our family on our journey with essential oils! I can't wait to take you all with us as we learn to integrate these oils into our everyday lives!

Do you want to bless your family with the use of essential oils?

Young Living is running a promotion through the end of this month for anyone who signs up for a wholesale account ($40 one time fee to become a distributor- but you don't have to sell if you don't want to) and spends $100 in PV- not only will you get $40 off of a diffuser but you will also get a $40 voucher to use towards product of your choice! So, basically, you could get a home diffuser for free! (That's what I plan to do!)

If you would like to sign up or order, make sure to use my member number as your referring distributor- 1409144 MacKenzie Monroe 🙂

Do you use essential oils in your home? I'd love for you to share your favorite uses with me!

February 4, 2013

Blog at Home Mom- Review

Well, you all know that I've been trying to get back on my blogging game- get more serious and make a real go of this thing. My blog is getting professionally designed and I feel like I'm becoming a real blogger- or at least a more deliberate one. However, despite my recent upswing in motivation and inspiration I've still been lacking some of the application- aka “How can I really get the blogging done?”

In the midst of my little struggle I heard about Christin Slade's new ebook- Blog at Home Mom- Balancing Blogging and Motherhood. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! I knew I needed it! I needed someone else to help guide me through the challenges I've been facing and help me bring my blogging aspirations to fruition.

So I emailed Christin last week to see if I could review her ebook and she happily obliged! I was thrilled! I downloaded it immediately and began reading, and from that excitement I'm eager to share about this book with you today, on its release date!

What I found in her book-

  • 8 short chapters
  • Real Mom-blogger testimonials and tips
  • A Biblical foundation
  • A mom who, like the rest of us, has a lot to juggle and had to find a way to make it all work

Christin offers many new ideas along with good reminders of things I've heard before. I very much enjoyed how the book was broken into small, easily digestible and applicable pieces so that I could jump right into action, such as-

  • Keep God First
  • Honor your husband
  • Build a schedule/routine that works for you and your children
  • Prioritize
  • And much more.

I could so relate to her description of how a day without a plan falls into place, or rather, falls apart. She offered me a healthy dose of good old-fashioned conviction to get my rear in gear and be purposeful in my days- with everything, not just blogging. Her examples were eloquent and timely and nice to hear from a fellow mom in the trenches.



Your Purchase Will be Used by God

More than just the great information in this book, however, I also have to mention what the purchase of this book is going to help fund- the bringing of two children into the Slade home. Christin and her husband are currently trying to raise the funds for an adoption and you could be a small part of it! I mean, how cool is it that we can help this family do the Lord's work and then also have the privilege of following the story on Christin's blog?! I think it's pretty awesome!

The Long and the Short of it-

I think that you will find this quick read as beneficial as I did, and seeing as how we aren't that far into the new year yet, there is still plenty of time to put these principles into practice and make 2013 a year for the history books! Plus, you'll get to help provide a loving, God-filled home to two orphaned little girls! That, my friends, is worth every penny! You can pick up Blog at Home Mom right here (also available for kindle and soon Nook).


Are you needing extra encouragement and guidance in how to make your blogging happen right now?


Christin provided me with a free copy of her book in exchange for honest review, at my request.



February 2, 2013

It’s finally happening- Bold Turquoise is going Pro!

It's been a LONG time coming- this mama right here has been blogging for 5 1/2 years (almost 2 on this blog, though). The reason I switched to wordpress and started BOLD Turquoise 2 years ago was because I knew I wanted to eventually be able to have a more professional blog and make more of a concerted go at this blogging thing. Getting there has been a challenge, though, and getting your blog designed and moved and all that jazz isn't cheap!

In enter Becca and Jon from stage right. (Have I mentioned I was an actress in my former life? I was.)

My lovely friends Becca and Jon are getting their new little blog and website design business off the ground and offered to collaborate with me- they would design my blog if I got the word out about their new husband-wife venture! I almost cried when they offered (and I am so not a crier! What is the matter with me lately?! Oh, what's that you say? I had a baby 6 months ago, am nursing and my hormones are probably all out of whack? And I'm probably in desperate need of overhauling my diet? Oh yeah. Nevermind. Carry on.)



Don't you just love their name- The Geek and Me?! It is so fitting and adorable! Becca gets the fun of doing the designing and then Jon is the mastermind behind all the technical jargon! This is a side business for them but Jon's “real” job is all about computers too, so no funny business here- this guy knows his stuff! Becca and Jon want to make affordable, beautiful and hi-quality blog and website design available to normal moms (and other people too!) out there- those of us who just can't spend the thousands to get our blogs to a point where we feel we can actually start to profit off of them.

I'm sure you'll hear more about Becca in the future- she's my awesome bossom buddy and secretary/scheduler extraordinaire at the co-op we attend. She is also coming to my Desperate Book Club and blogs over at Ironic Adventures. She is also the crochet godess behind Bec's Fiber Fetish. Since she's my IRL friend we actually got to go out to coffee together to discuss my blog redesign (among other things) and all day yesterday we emailed back and forth discussing designs and spewing ideas! It has been so much fun and I couldn't be more thrilled! (And I'm still kicking myself for not getting a picture of us at coffee! Such a rare moment! Drat!)

So, basically, I just wanted to give you all a little heads up that in the next week or so BOLD Turquoise will have a new face and its own snazzy domain name! Eeek! Here. I . Come!


February 1, 2013

Grapevine- a sale you don’t want to miss!

You've undoubtedly heard me talk about Grapevine Studies if you've followed my blog for any length of time (see). It is one of the few things about homeschool that my boys actually beg to do! We started off this year just doing the Bible study laid out in our curriculum, but they were so disappointed that we simply had to reintroduce it.

Roman with his Grapevine Flat Bible Man


They read real scripture- not a simplified kid's version.

They love the drawing.

They retain what they have learned.

Win. Win. Win.

Grapevine is constantly growing and expanding what they have to offer. Each year they come out with new, high quality studies that cover multiple ages- even more ages now that they have started offering their Traceables for the extra-young set of learners in your midst! (I can't wait to get my hands on these for Judah to try!)

If you haven't tried Grapevine Studies– you must! And there is no better time than now because they are hosting a 50% off sale on all student books and ebooks for families from now through February 7th! In other words- buy one, get one FREE!!

It's such a good offer that I think you should buy your whole Bible curriculum for the next year! I mean, seriously, you can't go wrong! If you want to try out a free lesson, you can sample this one on Queen Vashti. But don't take too long or the sale will be over!

So go, absorb scripture, pass on your faith legacy to your kids… and tell grapevine I sent ya'! 😀

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January 29, 2013

Lost in translation- without life there’d be nothing to blog about!


So this is me. Yup, the human binky! Emmerson just so happens to be on the cusp of getting those first little teeth and so, more times than I can count during the day, I end up like this.

**Sidenote- Look how brave I am, not even wearing makeup for you all! BOLD and real, I tell you! Can I get a what-what?! Ok, but seriously- I wouldn’t even walk out of the house like this but somehow I’ve come to a point where I will plaster this picture on the Internet for everyone to see?! I’m either growing tremendously or I may need to be committed… soon! (More likely the latter. :-/ )**

Back to the matter at hand. SO- I have all these really great posts (in my opinion) mostly written and just waiting in the docket to get published. Finally, inspiration to blog has struck me again and with lots of prayer I’m finding my words once more. AND, since I find myself chained to a baby with nothing else to do so frequently (see above photo) I even end up actually being able to punch those words into my iPhone by the use of my nimble thumbs. However, the links and pictures and buttons and so on, they’re not so easy to work into a post with my thumbs!

So, there my posts sit, just waiting for me to have the actual time to polish them off and hit publish. These great, fun posts about babies and life and jazzing up your homebirth and creating fun classes for a homeschool co-op- they sit, and stare at me, and say, “Make time for us!!”

But you see, I also have these three other little faces that stare at me and say the EXACT. SAME. THING! And, if I’m being honest, I have to say that without them I would have nothing to blog about! So, this life-living does tend to get in the way of the post-giving, but it’s better that than the other way around!

How do YOU get your blogging done?! PLEASE share!

Disclaimer- no children were harmed in the making of this blog post. They may have been screaming at one another in the distant downstairs of this farm house where we reside, but they were not harmed! 😉